DIY Minimalist Photo/Quote Wall Hanging Decor

Welcome to my first DIY project! Why is DIY awesome? It allows you to show off your creativity by building your own artwork at a low cost. Doing DIY also helps you to de-stress while still being productive! I’m so excited to share this post as I will be showing you how to make a photo wall hanging! The photo wall hanging has a minimalist look which makes it stand out. It’s a decorative way to hang your quotes/photos in your room. The quotes I chose for this post revolves around good sleep and positive vibes.

I printed out 3 pictures in square size. Then I used a hole puncher to cut a hole in every corner of the photos.

Cut a 150 cm yarn in black and fold it in half. Then do a lark’s head knot to attach the yarn to a ring, by taking the folded loop and pull through the ring. 

Next, string the 2 ends of the yarn through the holes of the photos. You can also add more than 3 photos if you wish!

After adding photos, tie a knot at the end. Then double the knot to attach the second ring. Cut off the excess yarn and dab some glue at the knot to hold it in place.

To make a bow, wrap yarn around your thumb and index finger about 10 times. Then use the excess yarn to tie a knot in the middle and triple knot the yarn to secure it.

Final step, attach bows on the rings. Use the excess yarn from the bow to tie a knot on the ring then cut off the excess. You also need to dab some glue at the knot to hold it in place.

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