Transition from Summer into Winter


It’s half way through Autumn in Australia but to be honest with you I’m not completely letting go of the warm weather yet. More than half of my wardrobe consists of summer pieces. Why, you ask? During winter season I get super lazy to dress up and just want to curl up in bed all day. However, my aim for winter this year is to achieve as many winter-girl-looks as possible. It would be a challenge for me. Let’s see how I will go with this idea! Please remind me if I forget and start dressing like it’s summer.

This year I find myself reaching more towards minimal looks comparing to how I used to love colourful pieces. I styled a glittery cropped, sleeveless jersey top with a cute pair of high waisted shorts featuring eye-catching scalloped hem. These two pieces compliment each other so well, and it creates a summer vibe outfit. However the knee high boots is a great indication of winter. These booties makes the look edgier, but feminine with the almond toe. To finish off the look, I added a pair of blue mirrored sunglasses. This outfit is definitely inspired by the transition from summer into winter.

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